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Jenny Wang Whatsapp/Mobile: +86-15153504975 Skype/Line me: jenny505583845 Wechat: 15153504975   1、Our farm chicken eggs paper tray packing eggs paper egg tray machine paper egg tray machine and egg box machine seeds cup machine,seeds pot machine ,flower pot machine,industrial tray machine,mainly have four systems: Pulp molding system;Forming system;Drying system;Packing system. *Pulp molding system:Make the paper pulp with water and waste paper; *Forming system:Make the product with aluminum mold accordingly.; *Drying system:Dry the product with the drying fule,we have the Single drying layer and Multi-layer drying line;Packing system; *Pack the product automatically and count it by number. Forming system: *By changing the forming mold and transferring mold,you could produce 30 cavity egg tray, egg box, industrial tray,shoe filer etc.   Drying system:  (Fully automatic type *We could produce Single layer  and  Multi-layers drying line in according to customers request. *Multi-layers drying line could save more length space than single layer drying line. *Drying fule: Burning diesel,natural gas or coal to produce hot air and dry the egg tray.   Without Drying system:( Semi-automatic type): *Dry the wet egg tray with sunshine if your output is lower than 1000 pieces one hour. *Drying operation: The worker take the egg tray manually from the transferring mold and  put it on the plate for sunshine drying.   2、We are the manufacture of the egg tray machine since 1995 year. Till now,we have our customer in Brazil,Turkey,South Africa,Eygpt,Botswana,Algeria, Mexico,Argentina,Colombia etc 3、By changing the forming mold and transferring mold,customer could produce 30 cavity egg tray;egg tray with lid;egg box; industrial tray;shoe tray etc. 4、Raw material: all kinds of waste paper. 5、Drying line: We could make single layer or multi-layers drying line in according tostomer’s local condition. 6、Warrantary of the machine:  The supplier will be responsible for the instruction in installation,test running and training. Warranty: one year since finishing the installation.     General introduction about our machine   Egg Tray Machine is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The egg tray machine has been proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy saving during the years of practice. What’s more, we help to build up numbers of egg tray plants around the world each year, which enable us to become a professional egg tray machine exporter over the world. The egg tray machine system can use all kinds of waste paper to produce high quality molded fibre tray products. Such as, egg trays, egg boxes, apple trays, meat portion trays, vegetable portion trays, fruit portion trays, can trays, seed pots, seed cubes, etc. it is a satisfyingly high return investment for the entrepreneurs or investors who wants a stable and consistent business of egg tray.   Some feature of our machine: Engergy saving is the most distinctive feature of Fuchang eqipments compared with congener equipments internationally.All the water are recycled used in the production and the raw material is waste paper, so the water should be changed in certain time.For the countries that lack of water, a water purifying system is recommended. ·The equipments equiped in this production line are supposed to the production of 30 cell egg trays. If the users plan to produce eggcartons,cup carriers or fruit trays etc., they should add the hot pressing, labeling or printing equipment and other auxiliary equipments. The occuppation area,total  power and workforce will be increased accordingly. For further inquiry, please feel free to contact us.   Specification: Raw Material: recycled paper pulp, wood pulp other natural fiber pulp Color: White, black, brown Size:    Customized as per request Technique:  dry press pulp molding Production Leadtime:    Depends on order quantity. Normally 3000-5000 pcs/day/mold Product Adavntages: 1). Our molded pulp products are eco friendly, biodegradable and compostable; 2). All the raw materials are natural fiber-based renewable resources; 3). The most common color is white and brown, but can be customized in any color as per request; 4). Can be made by different techniques to achieve different surface effert配图25s and price targets; 5). Shapes can be customized; 6). Can be made water-proof, oil resistant and anti-static; They are anti-shock and protective; 7). Can be widely used in electronics, cosmetics, food, instrument and many other industries. 8). We can provide free designs or develop products based on customers’ designs

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