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EPE Recycling Machine

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EPE Recycling Machine is mainly used for palletizing PE scrape . Features of this recycling machine: reliable quality, high output, low maintenance, easy handling etc.

Product Name: EPE Recycling Machine
Screw Diameter: ∮325-∮105mm (reducing)
Main Motor: 15kw
Pelletizer power: 0.75kw
Heating power: 10kw
Total power: 35kw
Output: 80-90kg/h

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 sdf (4) 01.Main Machine•Screw:325-105•Material of Screw:45#Steel•Main Motor:15KW

•Heating area:10KW

•Speed of Motor:57RPM


02.Screen changer•Motor:1.5KW  sdf (5)
 sdf (6) 03.Cooling tanks•Use to cool recycling EPE material
04.Cutter•Motor:1.5KW  sdf (7)
 sdf (8) 05.Control Cabinet•Three Heating Area:1 heating area:140-160°2 heating area:180°3 Heating area:180°


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