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EPE Foam Cornor Protector Extrusion Line

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EPE foam Rod/Tube is a kind of new soft packing material.

It is widely used for the package of window,door etc

EPE Foam Rod/Tube Extrusion Line
Model: Unit






Screw Speed r/min


Foaming Ratio  


Capacity Kg/hr




Installed Power kw




Dimension m


Weight Ton




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vv (5) 01.Hopper with Level switch  •Material:Stainless Steel•Feeding capacity:50kg/time•Level switch for Main material:1Set
02.Deceleration box  •Material:FCD25 forgeable lion.Box body:FC20•Gear wheel:SCM4 special gear wheel   vv (6)
 vv (7) 03.Screw+ Barrel •Diameter:L/D-55:1•Material: 38CrMoAl•Rotating speed:0-60 r/min
04.10Heating Unit  •1-4Unit is Heating Unit•5-6Unit is Free cooling unit•7-10Unit is Water cooling Unit


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 vv (9) 05.Foaming Head •Material:Carbon Alloy Steel•Heating method:Electricity heater•Wind cooling for PE Foam Profile 
06.Mold •Material:Carbon Alloy Steel•We can design and produce mold by your sample   vv (10)
 vv (11) 07.Screen changer Bypass converting screen changer, material pressure is filtere equally when screen is changed, no stop, no sheet broken, no wasted material. 
 08.Butane gas pump •Brand:Zhejiang Huali•Forming agent:Butane gas in liquid state•Pump:high pressure metering pump  vv (12)
 vv (13) 09.GMS Pump •Anti-cintroutor M-1:Hard fatly acid single glycerine•The range of measure ment:35-245CC/min•Volume of melting-pot:5-7L 
 10.Haul off and cutting unit •Servo motor cutting unit  vv (14)
 vv (15) 10.Collection unit for PE Foam Profiles  
General Information:Raw material:LDPE, GMS, TAC, Talc, Butane or LPGFinished products:PE Foam NetScrew material:38CrMoALAPlace of origin: Shandong ChinaBrand: FUCHANG
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EPE Foam Cornor Protector Extruder Introduction:The L/D of screw is 55 : 1.The raw material is high pressure and low density polyethylene . Through extruding system basis on formulation the raw material and the auxiliary material are transported into hopper by auto feeding system. The GMS will be injected into barrel by the pump as anti-contractor agent . Butane pump inject the liquid butane into the screw barrel and foam .The temperature is dropped by the barrel then the products will be extruded from the machine head EPE fruit foam net making machine making process:Plastic raw material→Mixing fillers→Heating extrusion→Foam agent injection→Mixing plasticization →Extrusion→Cooling and forming→ Calibration and cutting

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