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Paper Egg Tray Mold




Pulp Moulding Products’quality are mostly depend on the pulp molding molds. According to our abundant experience and excellent mould processing technology .we already designed many type of pulp moulding moulds for egg ,fruit ,electronic components etc. Such as 6-18 cavities egg box ,15-54 cavities egg tray ,49-60 cavities seedling trays. with aluminum ,plastic material


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01.Specifications of pulp moulding mould 

•Product Name:Egg Tray Egg Carton Mould Tools

•Specification:30 Holes


•Material: Aluminum / Plastic / Copper(Customized)

•Design Software: CAD

•Shaping Model:Casting or Profile

•Application:For Making Paper Egg Tray / Egg Carton

•Runner:Hot Cold

•Surface Treat: Polishing

•Color:Silvery White

•Spare Parts:Stainless Steel Wire Mesh


02.Pulp Moulding Mold 

•All our molds are designed by computer, and processed by high precision CNC machine, so they are of high precision, high efficiency and excellent quality.


•Our purpose is providing first-class quality products, and first-class service. And we strive to build our company into a leading company in pulp molds manufacturing industry, and provide pulp molds with excellent quality and high efficiency to industry colleagues.



03.Experience of Pulp Moulding Mold 

•Due to our strong technical strength,complete processing and manufacturing equipment,advanced production technology,mature testing methods and standard quality management system,it guarantee that we are able to produce high-quality mold.Our factory has separate departments in packaging design,dies design,manufacturing,testing and selling.the clients will get our professional service in pulp moulding mold.



04.CAD design of pulp mould 

•With the advanced CAD computerized design system and CNC mould processing equipment ,they are of high precision and accuracy, so the customer can get the ideal molded pulp products with thses pulp molds.

Stainless mesh and pre-forming technology will be used in making molds, which makes them look better and increases their efficiency, and thus the products comes out with smoother shape.




05.Manual Pulp hole 

•We make lineation before drilling holes to ensure all holes distributed evenly. The hole size and spacing of holes of our suction molds are better for high efficiency. We use strainless steel mesh and use pre-forming technology in making it, this make the molds looks better and increase the efficiency, and the products produced are with better looks.


06.Material of Mold 

•The molds can be made from aluminum, copper, plastic. According to your requirement. Our mold is durable and easy for maintenance and replacement.

The price of our mold is reasonable comparable to its high quality.

•We can customize your existing designs and pattern, and can also design molds as per the products to be packed. All your designs and business information will be kept confidential. If required, we can sign a confidentiality agreement with you.



Applications of Pulp Mouded MoldEgg tray: 20,30,40packed egg tray quail egg tray

Egg carton:4,6, 10,6+6,12,15,18,24 packed egg carton

Agricultural products:Berry Punnets,Fruit tray, seeding cup,Peat Pot.

Cup Carriers:2,4 Paper Cup Carriers

Disposable Medical Care Products: Bedpan, sick pad, female urinal…

Packages: Shoe tree, industrial package




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